Karina Dominguez

 One of the many things I love about HOC is the transitional services.   They get to you quick to talk about your future plans and help you take   those steps to reach your future goals.  All the staff at the campus are   all awesome and helpful.  This campus has been my best choice since   the first day I came in to get get class information.

-Karina Dominguez


Jennifer Terrell

The office staff is responsive, well informed and friendly.  The director takes pride in the school and shows it by getting to know the students and making herself available.

The cost is low compared to the quality of education.  Before enrolling I asked health professionals in the community if they knew of the program and was told that HOC was well respected.  The curriculum, instructor’s knowledge and involvement are terrific.

- Jennifer Terrell


Stephen MacDonaldThe Health Occupations Center campus is clean and well kept, creating an enjoyable environment to come to learn.  The teachers are also very helpful and willing to assist students with any problem that occur.  The choices and availability of classes also allowed me to achieve the perfect balance of education and personal life.  I am very satisfied with choosing HOC.

-Stephen MacDonald


Gracie GrahamInitially I heard about the Health Occupations Center through a brochure and it looked perfect.  It was affordable and the classes are small, personal, hands on and well taught.  I am definitely happy I decided to get my schooling done at HOC.

-Gracie Graham



A smiling woman wearing scrubs

I heard about the Health Occupations Center through a friend who had attended and recommened the school to me.  Little did I know it was the campus that I had always been curious about in Santee.  Enrolling was very simple and straight-forward.  I instantly felt very welcomed by the helpful and friendly staff and students.  The campus offers places to study, relax, and even grab a snack.  This is a great campus and I strongly recommend looking into it!

-Tanya Joseph



Justin GroosI enrolled in the Health Occupations Center because like many others I wanted some form additional education but thought it would be too expensive.  Knowing that I am getting an education in the medical field that I will not have loans long after I am done with school is a phenomenal feeling.     

-Justin Groos



A smiling man

Overall my experience at The Health Occupations Center has been really great.  It was highly recommended by a friend who was a past HOC student, which gave me the extra confidence to apply.  The friendly staff and the campus gives me the confidence to recommend to my friends now.

-Anthony Leyva