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Learning Outcomes

What certification will I receive after completing the program?
The RN Refresher program is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) and provides 30 contact hours by the California Board of Registered Nursing Provider No. 00446.  The 100+ hours of clinical/patient care experience is a requirement for many RN applications.
What will I learn in this program?
  • To augment students’ previous background in nursing skills and to have an understanding of human behavior and knowledge of scientific principles.  
  • To increase and reinstate students’ confidence in the provision of nursing care.
  • To update students’ knowledge of the changes in nursing care and management.
  • To teach and/or re-enforce the skills necessary for providing competent, safe nursing care to the adult client who requires care for medical and/or surgical problems.
Through a combination of classroom and clinical experiences, students will: 
  • Describe and discuss the most recent trends in nursing.
  • List and discuss “Patients’ Rights” and how they have changed the practice of nursing.
  • Identify five emerging communicable diseases, their origin and method of transmission.
  • Identify emerging nosocomial infections of hospitalized patients or drug resistant organisms and discuss nursing implications.
  • Compose a list of diagnoses not reimbursable by MediCare and discuss implications for nursing.
  • Identify and perform culturally competent care related to client needs.
  • Discuss common sources of “nurse liability.”
  • Compare and contrast the physiological aspects of aging in older adult and younger adult patients.
  • Properly insert Foley Catheters with appropriate rational for necessity.
  • Conduct a physical assessment to determine a patient’s health status: Respiratory function, Fluids and electrolytes, Cardiovascular function, Renal function, Neurological function, Musculoskeletal function, and Skin.
  • Use proper body mechanics to avoid injury to self and patients.
  • Use mathematical calculations to determine proper drug dosage.
  • Demonstrate proper insertion, care, and removal of feeding and NG tubes.
  • Discuss ways to help a patient deal with a life-threatening illness, such as cancer or AIDS.
  • Safely and efficiently perform selected current nursing skills and procedures.
  • Demonstrate the ability to find new information sources.
  • Describe and discuss the most recent trends in nursing and health care to include the nursing process, primary nursing, expanded role of the nurse, nursing education transitions, patient’s rights, changing patterns of health care and health care delivery systems. 
  • Demonstrate an adaptable and flexible approach toward change.
  • List the major drug reference sources, identify federal laws related to the administration of medications, and recognize major drug classifications.
  • Relate the latest diagnostic measures with equipment, patient preparation procedure, and testing rationale.
  • Critique current patient-centered health team relationships.
  • Demonstrate the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to move with assurance into a staff nurse orientation program, and return to bedside care.
  • Communicate respectfully and demonstrate acceptance of diversity.
  • Seek resources and opportunities for lifelong learning.


What are the requirements to take this course?
  • Be at least 18 or older
  • Provide proof of required immunizations (list will be provided on the first day of class)
  • Hold an active California RN license without probationary status, current attached reports, or filed accusations.
Please check the program guide to for the most current list of requirements.


When is the program offered?
This course consists of 60+ hours of theory and 150 hours of clinical.  The theory and clinical schedule vary each semester.
Please check the program guide to for the most current schedule.


How much does the program cost?
The registration fee for the RN Refresher course is $275.
Are there any additional costs associated with the program?
Yes.  All students will need to complete an American Heart Association (AHA) approved Basic Life Support course.  We offer the course at the beginning of each semester for $55.  Additional fees that need to be considered average approximately $300 and may include:
  • Scrubs
  • Textbooks
  • Background check
  • Immunizations
Is financial aid or tuition assistance available?
As a K-12 adult school we are unable to offer financial aid. We do partner with the San Diego Workforce Partnership, local career centers, and other organizations whenever possible to offer opportunities for fees to be reduced or covered for qualified participants. For more information on what is available for this program, attend an orientation to connect with a transition services specialist.
What is the refund policy?
Students have until the last day of the second week of class to request a refund for the registration fee minus a $25 processing fee.
Prices subject to change.  Please check the program guide to for the most current cost.

Job Outlook

What is the job outlook?
According to the California Economic Development Department, employment opportunities for Registered Nurses are predicted to increase by 15.4% or 15,800 jobs between 2016 and 2026. Explore the links below for more information about the labor market for Registered Nurses.


Farah Danandeh, MSN, RN
Farah Danandeh has been an instructor for the LVN and RN Refresher program since 2004.  Farah holds a Bachelor of Arts or Science (BA / BS), Master of Arts or Science (MA/ MS), and a Designated Subjects Teaching Credential to teach Career Technical Education courses in California.  Farah spent 5 years as a registered nurse on a med/surg and tele floor.


Where is training for the program completed?
The RN Refresher course will take place at our Health Occupations Center campus located in Santee, CA.  RN Refresher students have the opportunity to conduct skills and simulation scenarios in our state of the art nursing lab.  The clinical rotation is currently conducted at Alvarado Hospital.
A training dummy laying in a hospital bed

Next Steps

I'm interested!  What are my next steps?
The RN Refresher program accepts students twice a year. Students can register directly online when class registration opens. Registration for the Fall class opens online on July 1 and on December 1 for the Spring program each year.
Refund Policy
Refunds for this class must be requested by the end of the second week of class.  A $25.00 processing fee will be charged.