Here's a snapshot of the industries commonly employing CNAs.  For more detailed information, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics website!

Nursing Care Facilities (Skilled Nursing Facilities)
Employment: 594,460
Percent of industry employment: 36.66
Hourly mean wage: $13.20
Annual mean wage: $27,470
Employment: 164,580
Percent of industry employment: 18.03
Hourly mean wage: $12.84
Annual mean wage: $26,700
Employment: 26,530
Percent of industry employment: 10.21
Hourly mean wage: $14.96
Annual mean wage: $31,120
Employment: 365,360
Percent of industry employment: 6.64
Hourly mean wage: $14.73
Annual mean wage: $30,640
Employment: 78,940
Percent of industry employment: 5.65
Hourly mean wage: $13.08
Annual mean wage: $27,210
Certified Nurse Assistant

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