The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act (Perkins V) is a principal source of federal funding to states and discretionary grantees for the improvement of secondary and post-secondary career and technical education programs across the nation.  The purpose of the Act is to develop more fully the academic, career, and technical skills of secondary and post-secondary students who elect to enroll in career and technical education programs.  The Grossmont Union High School District receives Perkins funding to enhance and improve Career Technical Education Pathways.

Perkins V requires states to conduct annual evaluations of the progress and efforts grant recipients are making toward achieving the core indicator performance levels established for the state’s CTE programs.  California LEAs provide data to the CDE through the 101-E1 report in the fall and 101-E2 report in the spring. This data is used to determine the core indicators.  This section identifies the LEA’s actual performance on each of the Core Indicators of performance and indicates if the LEA has met the state-established performance targets.