What are my first steps to getting into a program at the Health Occupations Center?

The majority of our programs require an onboarding process. Visit our How to Get Started page for information on our application and registration process. A handful of our courses are for skill advancement and have open enrollment. Visit the HOC Courses page for the course of interest for a direct link to register. Please refer to individual course handouts to view specific requirements.  


Do I have to register for orientation?

Please visit the How to Get Started page for more information on the process. 


Does the Health Occupations Center have a Registered Nurse (RN) program?

No, but we do have an RN Refresher program.  RNs who hold a current and active license without probationary status attached reports or filed accusations are eligible.  Here is additional information. 


What is the total cost of the class I'd like to take?  

To find out what a specific course costs visit the HOC Courses page and click on the course in which you are interested.  You will find the registration cost as well as any additional costs (textbooks, scrubs, background check fees, licensing exam fees, etc.) that may be included.  


Does the Health Occupations Center accept financial aid?

Due to being under a K-12 public school district, we are not able to accept financial aid.  We do have all eligible programs listed on CalJobs and the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) with the San Diego Workforce Partnership, which can provide tuition assistance.  Please contact your local career center for more information.


To apply for the Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN) Program do I have to be a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)?

Yes, to apply for our LVN program you must have your CNA certification no later than the LVN application due date.  Sorry, but we are not able to substitute other certifications such as Medical Assistant or Phlebotomy to fulfill this state-mandated requirement.  


What is the difference between an RN and an LVN?

Click here for a comparison.