We are located at 9368 Oakbourne Road in Santee, CA. 92071.

*Please note that Oakbourne Rd starts as a residential street, but ends in our parking lot.  The HOC campus also has driveway access off of Mast Blvd.  

From 52 Eastbound:

Take the Mast Blvd exit.  Turn left onto Mast.  Continue on Mast Blvd past West Hills High School.  Just past the parking lots, look for green signs and large blue flags on the right side of the street. Turn right into the driveway.  If you get to the light at Medina Drive, you've gone too far.

From 125 Northbound, take 52 West, and exit on Mast Blvd.  Then follow the same directions above: past the high school, etc.

Note:  In the mornings, 52 West around Mast Blvd is very congested  To take an alternate route get off at Mission Gorge Road. Turn right on Mission Gorge, then turn left on Carlton Hills Blvd. Turn left again at Carlton Oaks Drive. Then turn right on Oakbourne Road. When you are on Oakbourne Rd you may think that you are lost because Oakbourne Rd is a residential neighborhood.  But keep following Oakbourne Rd; it will bring you right into our lower driveway.