What are my first steps to get into a program at the Health Occupations Center?

The majority of our programs require an orientation and testing to qualify.  Please see our "How to Get Started" page for information about our next orientation and testing dates. 

Our medical courses that do not require an orientation or testing are listed as such.  Registration dates for these courses can be found on the course page.


If I miss orientation and testing can I still register for a class? 

If you miss an orientation or testing for a class that requires it, no.  Check the course page for details for the requirements of the course.  You can check our website for possible second chance orientations or orientation information for the next semester.


Do I have to register for orientation and testing?

Yes, it will be a requirement that you register for orientations and testing.  Please check the "How to Get Started" page for more details.


Does the Health Occupations Center have a Registered Nurse (RN) program?

The Health Occupations Center has a RN Refresher program.  RN’s who have a fully active license without probationary status, current attached reports, or filed accusations are eligible.  Please check the HOC Courses tab and click on RN Refresher for additional information. 


What is the “TOTAL COST” of the class that I would like to take?  

To find out what a course costs, please go to the HOC Course tab and click on the course.  Registration fees are listed as well as additional fees.


Does the Health Occupations Center accept financial aid?

Sorry, the Health Occupations Center does not accept financial aid.


To apply for the Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN) Program do I have to be a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)?

Yes, to apply to for our LVN program you must be a CNA by the LVN application due date.


What is the difference between an RN and a LVN?

Please click this informational link to read about the differences between RN and a LVN.  https://www.nurseregistry.com/blog/difference-between-rn-and-lvn/