Student Testimonials



 I wanted an education, not just job training.  HOC has given me the opportunity to have a career and an education.

Danni M.



HOC has really changed my life for the better.  The staff and teachers helped me in the right direction.  It’s all around a great experience.

Jorge C.

HOC has helped me find a career I truly enjoy and pushed me to do well academically.  I am grateful for my instructors for giving me the knowledge and confidence I need going into an internship.

Nichole A.



After receiving training at The Health Occupations Center, my confidence has grown stronger than ever.  Each staff member has been very kind and helpful.  My time here at HOC has been a great experience.

Robert S.


HOC has impacted me by allowing me to pursue the career of my dreams in the most efficient manner.  The teachers, staff, and students are the most wonderful, caring, and amazing people to be surrounded with and that makes the program that much better.

Diana C.




Great hidden gem!  Enrollment, fees, education, and instructors are beyond anything in San Diego County.

Kimbra M.




HOC completely changed my life.  I feel super prepared and confident in getting a job now.

Shelby H.





The training that I am receiving at HOC is giving me the confidence I need to build a long-term and fulfilling career in the healthcare field.  I have hope for my future – with increased earning power, and an ability to grow professionally.  Thank you HOC!

Jennifer G.