Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technician

          Registration by appointment only

          Pharmacy technicians prepare medications under the direction of a pharmacist. Duties include: receiving                  prescription requests, verifying accuracy of information, maintaining patient profiles, measuring, mixing,                  counting, labeling, and recording dosages, preparing insurance forms, stocking and taking medication                      inventory. This program consists of 310 hours of classroom/lab instruction and 150 hours of internship where           students gain on-the-job experience in a pharmacy setting.  Upon successful completion of the course,                  students will have their State registration and be prepared for National Certification. Prerequisites: a passing              score on the HOC Math/English Assessment test, immunizations, certification with the American Heart 
          Association BLS for the Healthcare Provider, and a United States HS Diploma/GED. Additional fees required           for Pharmacy Technician application, background check (if required by clinical site), Livescan fingerprinting              and for textbooks.

          Instructor:  M. Archibald

          Spring Semester Schedule:   1/17/2017 - 6/1/2017      Monday - Thursday    9:00 am - 2:00 pm