How to get started!

Got HOC??

Your next opportunity for most courses will be in Fall 2017.

Orientations for Fall 2017 classes are June 21 - 23, 2017

To enroll in any of our classes, please follow the 3 steps below.

Step 1:  Attend an orientation.  At this orientation, you will receive all information and registration requirements for the class you wish to enroll in. Any student wishing to register for any of the classes above must first attend an orientation.  

Step 2:  Take the HOC Entry Screening Test.  While attending the orientation, you will sign up for an Entry Screening Test.  This is a basic test that covers 7th and 8th grade levels of English and math.  You will need to pass this test with a minimum score of 70% to be eligible for registration.  You will then be notified by email of your score.  The top scores will be given a registration appointment time.

Step 3:  Come to the Health Occupations Center at your appointed registration time.  

Sorry, no children or pets at orientations or at the entry screening test.


Some classes do not require orientation and testing.  

See listing of these courses on our home page.